New Haven—Its Fire Department

Issue 12 and Volume 82.

New Haven—Its Fire Department History, Organization and Equipment—Good Progress Under Chief Lawrence E. Reif NEW HAVEN, the 1929 Convention City of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, is protected by an efficient fire fighting force under the direction of Chief Lawrence E. Reif, who was appointed to head the organization on Dec. 31, 1925, as successor to Chief Rufus R. Fancher. The Department of Fire Service, as the fire fighting force is officially known, operates on the two platoon system and the equipment consists of sixteen engine companies and six hook and ladder companies. Most of the apparatus, all of which is motorized, is of the well known Seagrave make, manufactured by the Seagrave Company, of Columbus, O. Engine Company No. 12 on Crown Street has a new Mack motor pumper. The Gamewell alarm system is located on the top floor of a 3 story fireproof building. On the…

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