Frame Areas and Conflagrations

Issue 12 and Volume 82.

Frame Areas and Conflagrations Fast Traveling Fires Require Quick Work by the Department — Suggested Methods of Handling THE spreading fire in a frame area offers the average fire department one of its most serious problems. While the handling of a fire in any single frame dwelling is considered an easy task, once fire involves a large number of buildings in a frame section, the department has a huge job on its hands. For handling a single dwelling fire, water supply is usually plentiful, but as soon as a large area is involved, the limited size of mains, and the distance between hydrants create a very definite handicap to efficient fire department operations. In addition, the distance between companies in residential sections enables a spreading fire to gain considerable proportions before the full complement of apparatus can be assembled. Structural Weaknesses Frame residences are inherently fire spreaders. Through the agency…

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