Proper Manner of Loading Fire Hose

Issue 14 and Volume 82.

Proper Manner of Loading Fire Hose During the past score of years there has been a gradual change in the method employed in placing hose in the hose bodies of fire trucks. With the advent of the fast-traveling motor apparatus, hose had to be so placed that it would snake off easily from the truck and with minimum likelihood of becoming jammed in the process. The illustrations herewith show the old and new method of placing hose in the hose bodies: Figure 1 shows the old method. This placement of hose is characterized by a large number of sharp bends—both at the front and rear of the body. Furthermore, in snaking out hose so placed there is always a possibility of the first fold catching or jamming. Hose folded with so many sharp bends is subjected to just so much more strain at the folds than where it is placed…

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