Pearse Stages “Battle of the Flames”

Issue 15 and Volume 82.

Pearse Stages “Battle of the Flames” A spectacular exhibition of fire-fighting was staged by Julius Pearse, district manager of the American-LaFrance and Foamite Industries, in cooperation with the Denver Fire Department, as part of the sixty-first anniversary of Laramie, Wyo. The exhibition by the firemen was but part of a three-day celebration. The university stadium formed the stage. In it was erected a full city street with a saloon and business houses. On the north side was a gigantic oil field with derricks. Soon after dark the oil field was ignited. Large columns of dense, black smoke ascended, and flames shot upwards. The fire was extinguished with foam. All but one derrick was saved. An interesting exhibition of ladder and rescue work was presented by members of the Denver hire Department under the leadership of Captain William J. Martin. The spectators were shown how rescues were made, and the use…

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