Issue 20 and Volume 82.

CONTENTS YOL. LXXXII No. 20 OCTOBER 2, 1929 Flammable Liquids—Their Protection, by H. S. Walker 849 Problems Involved in Regulating the Handling, Sale and Storage of Such Dangerous Materials. School Buildings (Illustrated) 851 Plenty of Them Still Burning Down Curing America of Arson, by Joseph F. Gillece (Portrait) 853 This Most Despicable of Crimes Can be Controlled—Four Things Necessary to Convict. The Round Table 855 Who Inspects Fire Hydrants in Your City? With the Editor 857 Comments on Current Events and Live Topics by Our Editorial Staff. Questions and Answers . 859 Replies to Questions on All Manner of Subjects of Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention. Recent Important Fires Specially Reported (Illustrated) 861 Burning Barge Cut Adrift Causes Great Damage— Burnings of Two Weeks. Fire Department Activities . 869 Yews y Notes from All Over the Country with Matters Firemanic. Fire Department Improvements . 870 Record of Business Activities in…

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