All Aboard For Birmingham!

Issue 20 and Volume 82.

All Aboard For Birmingham! WHATEVER you do, even if you have to beg, borrow or steal the carfare, don’t miss the Convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to be held at Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 22-25. In addition to a corking good program, the wonderful array of exhibits already arranged for will be a feature alone well worth the trip. While every convention usually brings something new in the way of fire apparatus, there are going to he some real outstanding surprises this time that ought to make every fire chief sit up and take notice. So do your level best to he on hand at this great event. If vou can’t make it. KIRE ENGINEERING will do its best to bring the whole convention home to you. P. S.: The nest issue of FIRF. ENGINEERING is our bin Fire Chiefs’ Convention Number. It’ll be a dandy.

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