Convention Notes

Issue 22 and Volume 82.

Convention Notes Chief Charles McCarthy, of the Worcester Fire Department, received a telegram from his city, as he was nearing Birmingham, that a large fire has visited Worcester and that two of his men were killed and several others injured in fighting the fire. He immediately secured accommodations on the first train and returned to Worcester. Raoul Gauthier, Chief of the Montreal Fire Department, was appointed Sergeant at Arms by President Evans at the opening session on Tuesday. He proved a most efficient officer, and an unusually punctual one. Several of the Divisions held meeting during the International Convention to lay plans for future activities. Most of these division meetings were well attended, and real progress has been reported. Chief Geo. Hedden, head of the Buffalo, New York, Fire Department, was, as usual, on hand and took an active part in the convention program. Since the Chief entertained the convention…

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