Fighting Fires in Icy Weather

Issue 23 and Volume 82.

Fighting Fires in Icy Weather Caution Needed in Answering Alarms—Handling of Frozen Lines—Saving of Life a Difficult Problem—Caring for the Men THE fighting of fires in localities where extreme cold prevails in the winter season is naturally accompanied by the greatest of difficulties. The following paper will be found of great practical value by chiefs who have this condition to overcome. In the city of Winnipeg the temperature in summer hovers between 90 to 100 degree above zero, and in winter, from zero to 45 below, with a considerable spell of 20 to 30 below. Fighting fires naturally is a hazardous task under these climatic conditions. A discussion of fire fighting must necessarily involve three things: The personnel of the fire fighters. The condition of the equipment. The conditions under which the fire is fought. I invite you in your imagination to go with me to a fire, see the…

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