Issue 25 and Volume 82.

FALSE ALARMS THEY KNEW Some persons do funny things because of a fire. There is the case of one who saw smoke issuing from the second floor of an apartment house. He forgot all about the necessity of looking for a fire alarm box. All up and down the street he ran, until he saw a typical street urchin. “Can you tell me where I can find a policeman?” “Sure, mister. There’s a speakeasy right across the street.” A sweet disposition and even temper are fine, but popcorn doesn’t amount to anything until it gets hot. THOROUGHLY VERSED Because of neglect and a thorough appreciation of his duty, Gibbs failed to consider his personal self, and after wallowing about in a water-filled cellar, he was laid up for some time. He called on a doctor in the neighborhood. “Do you really think you can make me well again?” “Without a…

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