When Is a Confession of Arson Admissible as Evidence?

Issue 1 and Volume 83.

When Is a Confession of Arson Admissible as Evidence? An Important Decision by Judge of Higher Court on This Subject—Other Legal Matters of Interest to Fire Departments Attorney-at-Law GENERALLY speaking, the Court will not reverse a lower Court’s conviction of arson on mere technicalities. However, if the conviction is accomplished in violation to some law clearly defining the rights of persons accused of committing the crime of arson the situation is quite different. For example, in Faulk vs. State, 123 So. 104, it was disclosed that a State law provided that the burning of a barn is arson in the second degree. The same law provided, punishment for burning dwellings and other buildings and in the succeeding paragraph specified that arson consisted of burning a building valued at more than $500. A person named Faulk who was convicted of arson for burning a barn appealed to the higher Court on…

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