The Leather Factory Fire—A Chemical Problem

Issue 2 and Volume 83.

The Leather Factory Fire—A Chemical Problem Fire Hazards and Losses Due Largely to Substances Employed in Manufacture of Leather, Rather Than from the Leather Itself—Handling the Leather Plant Fire THIS article treats the subject of plants engaged in manufacturing leather rather than those devoted to producing articles from the finished product. The first step in leather manufacturing is the tanning operation, which includes many attendant processes. A brief survey of these processes, with particular reference to the chemicals and other materials employed will serve as a good background for the discussion of fires occurring in such establishments. The early leather treating plants, or tanneries, were small establishments, and were frequently operated by the owner and a few hired men. But with the development of chemical processes of treating leather, tanning has developed to a stage where it now requires large plants, in many cases covering several acres area, to efficiently…

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