Issue 3 and Volume 83.

WITH THE EDITOR Safeguarding Penal Institutions From Fire The various states and the United States Government are beginning to officially recognize the fact that their penal institutions are far from what they should be from the fire hazard standpoint. The comparatively recent outbreaks in such institutions in various portions of the country have, undoubtedly, contributed largely to the consideration by those in authority of the subject of lessening the peril from fire that is imminent in many of these prisons, especially in those of the older and less modern type. One of the most recent of such reports has been prepared by the National Institution of Public Administration of New Jersey. According to this report, many of the prisons and reformatories of the state are in lamentable shape, as far as fire safeguards are concerned. In one institution specifically mentioned, “wooden construction of partitions, stairways, stairwells and floors has been…

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