Telephone Service in Fire Emergency

Issue 3 and Volume 83.

Telephone Service in Fire Emergency Ever since the time of the fire which in 1923, came down the hills from the east of Berkeley and did considerable damage to property in the city of Berkeley and for a time threatened the entire East Bay Cities, fear of a similar conflagration has been uppermost in the minds of the people of Berkeley during the dry season in the fall of the year. During the past several weeks this fear has been greatly increased due to the extreme drought which left the hills and canyons dry as tinder. The danger was greatly increased due to the prevalent north winds. (This hazard was eliminated due to the first rains on December 8th) Several small fires occasionally broke out, and on November 7 a more serious fire again developed in the hills. J. N. Edy, city manager of Berkeley, caused the alarm to be…

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