Steals Apparatus for Joy Ride

Issue 4 and Volume 83.

Steals Apparatus for Joy Ride There have been cases of policemen’s pockets being picked, but it is rather unusual to learn that fire apparatus has been stolen at the scene of a fire. A company in Orange, N. J., responded to a blaze caused by a fire in an upholstered chair. Firemen rushed into the building and soon extinguished the minor blaze. By the time their work was done, some resident who for some time had longed to drive fire apparatus, took matters in his own hands and went for a joy ride. Peace-loving natives of Orange were both surprised and shocked at the unusual amount of noise made at 4 a. m., by fire apparatus rushing about. Several reported the incident. So did the firemen who were left without a conveyance and were faced with the problem of walking back to the fire station. But it was not at…

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