Issue 4 and Volume 83.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems HUNDREDS of persons gazed in wonder on the story being unfolded on the motion picture screen. There is a fire. Some one is caught on an upper story. She threatens to jump but those below shout that she should wait while a ladder is being raised. Within a short time, a ladder is placed in position, but it fails to reach. The flames are coming closer and closer. A fireman rushes up the ladder with a Pompier ladder, and by careful manipulation and a dizzy, swaying ascent, reaches the fair maiden. Claude, the fire hero, can always be depended upon when attractive blondes are to be saved. But in actual fire department practice, the value of a Pompier ladder in saving life has been questioned, and even the value of Pompier ladder drills. It has been…

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