Collapse of Escape Injures Firemen

Issue 4 and Volume 83.

Collapse of Escape Injures Firemen A four-alarm fire in Philadelphia, Pa., weakened a fire escape on which there were a number of firemen, and the structure broke away from the wall, hurling the men to the street. One fireman was critically injured and six others were painfully hurt. The accident occurred after the blaze had been checked. As a part of the “mopping-up” process the men were ascending the fire escape to the third floor. Just as the first of the squad had reached the third floor, the fire escape sagged away from its fastenings, although it did not fall. But all of the men were thrown to the ground. Companies answering the alarms had to work under handicaps. The spot was in total darkness. In addition the streets were narrow, the buildings were old, and there was slush underfoot. Nor was that all. Fire broke out in three other…

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