Jersey City School Starts New Term

Issue 4 and Volume 83.

Jersey City School Starts New Term On January 30 the thirty-seventh session of the Jersey City Fire Department Training School was opened at the Fire Department Repair Shops. Battalion Chief Arthur Bell is instructor of fire practice and Deputy Chief James Tully is in charge of the repair shops. The training consists of nine courses: General fire fighting, use of apparatus and tools, use of high pressure systems, care of hose, high tension electric currents, combustibles and explosives, care and operation of motor apparatus, first aid to the injured and fire department hydraulics. The school is equipped with a complete model of a building showing its construction, an electric panel with all electric devices and controls, a standpipe and sprinkler system, two complete refrigeration systems installed by the Public Service and the Frigidaire Company, the latest life-saving devices, such as inhalators and oxygen helmets, gas masks and acetylene cutting tools.…

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