N. Y. Orders Garage Inspections

Issue 6 and Volume 83.

N. Y. Orders Garage Inspections A general order has been issued to company commanders of the New York Fire Department to cause an inspection of all hazardous conditions and occupancies including garages, oil selling stations, paint and varnish works and similar occupancies located within a radius of two hundred feet of any public school. The officers were directed to state whether or not a permit had been issued for such occupancies. In addition to forwarding a report, the officers are instructed to telephone all highly dangerous conditions. Deputy officers are instructed to see that company officers comply with a department order issued in 1925 which reads: “Chief officers in command of fires for which a second alarm has been transmitted shall locate the nearest available telephone and communicate the number of it to the despatcher at the Central Office so that, when necessary, he may communicate with him.” Green Bay…

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