Hose Reel Recovered for Fireboat

Issue 6 and Volume 83.

Hose Reel Recovered for Fireboat The North German Lloyd liner “Muenchen” which sank to the bottom of the Hudson River at the foot of Morton Street, New York City, on February 11th, following a fire and explosion, is still a problem to the salvaginig corporation that has the contract to raise her. While much of her cargo has been removed and stored ashore, it is now feared that the ship might have to be burned apart in sections, due to enormous rents in her hull caused by the explosions which occured while her cargo was afire. Although divers have been working in and about the vessel for over a month, little material progress has been made toward lifting her. To build a cofferdam around the boat and pump her out would be to invite serious complications due to the presence of the Hudson and Manhattan railway tubes directly underneath the…

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