Cabinet Shops —Specialized Woodworkers

Issue 8 and Volume 83.

Cabinet Shops —Specialized Woodworkers Have Most of the Hazards of Large Woodworkers, and Some of Their Own—Chief Fire Problem Caused by Presence of Large Quantities of Highly Combustible Materials THE cabinet shop is in a class by itself, insofar as woodworking processes are concerned. The type of personnel differs from that of the average woodworker—there being a larger percentage of skilled artisans, including even wood carvers. The individuality of the workmen has a direct bearing upon the fire conditions in such a plant. Each workman, employed at his own line of work, is apt to permit accumulation of shavings and other wood waste in large quantities, such as is not commonly the case in a wellorganized “woodworker” employing machine operations on a large scale. The result is obvious; a well-littered up establishment filled with work in all stages of completion, and quantities of wood waste and raw materials as well.…

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