When May Spontaneous Ignition Occur?

Issue 9 and Volume 83.

When May Spontaneous Ignition Occur? Research on Subject by United States Bureau of Standards— Some Important Experiments—Nature of the Tests Employed THE subject of spontaneous ignition is one of vital importance to the fire chief, and the following paper will probably prove of interest and value in this respect: The fire hazard of materials is gauged in part by the temperatures at which ignition may occur and whether at temperatures below these points heating can set in that eventually will result in ignition. Fire records give frequent instances of ignition of materials subjected to temperatures considerably below their normal ignition points. To judge from these reports the action may be one of lowering of ignition temperature by continued exposue to heat resulting in changes in the material, or a self-heating process caused by slow chemical reactions such as oxidation or combination of bacterial and chemical action that within a sufficient…

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