Eastern Fire Alarm Men Meet

Issue 9 and Volume 83.

Eastern Fire Alarm Men Meet The April meeting of the Eastern Association of Superintendents of Fire and Police Telegraph was held at the Fire Alarm Headquarters in the Fenway, Boston, Mass. A dinner and round table discussion took place at the Hotel Kenmore. Among the speakers were Harold S. Walker, field engineer of the National Fire Protection Association, who read a paper on “Mutual Aid from the Fire Alarm Standpoint”; C. H. Smith, engineer of the Westinghouse Electric Company, who spoke on “Dry Rectifiers as Applied to Fire Alarm Systems”; and G. K. Thompson, of the Jewell Electrical Instrument Company, of Chicago, who discussed “Designing Test Instruments for an Age of Speed.” Layne Fire Alarm Superintendent of Denver—Edward L. Lavne, assistant fire and police alarm superintendent of Denver, Col., has been placed in charge of the system. He succeeds David Reed who died last summer. Many Apply for Denver Jobs—According…

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