Two Killed by Fireworks Explosion

Issue 9 and Volume 83.

Two Killed by Fireworks Explosion The one story plant of the Connecticut Fireworks Company at Northford, Connecticut, a suburb of New Haven, was totally destroyed and two workmen were instantly killed by an explosion followed by a series of sixty of lesser force which shook nearby homes. Firemen from New Haven and North Haven who answered a general alarm which was sent out a few minutes after the first explosion, were able to prevent a spread of the resulting fire to nearby buildings which also contained explosives. One building. three hundred feet away, was filled with dynamite. Two of the buildings were in ruins when the firemen arrived and they concentrated their efforts toward preventing further spread of the fire. Both the workmen were blown and burned beyond recognition, the body of the second man being found almost one hundred feet from the building in which he had been working.

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