Issue 9 and Volume 83.

FALSE ALARMS ENTIRELY STRANGE Life had been most unkind to him. He was fifth on the list for lieutenant and before his name was reached, the list had expired. He tried again with no better luck. When a probationary fireman was assigned to his company he gave the new one the following advice: “Take my advice. Get out of this racket. Take a fire extinguisher and start walking. When you reach a place where they ask you what it is that you are carrying, that’s the place, son, for you to settle down.” From an advertisement in a fire chief’s association program: “Welcome chiefs. We always welcome the firemen to our store.” MOTIONLESS There were many laborers out of work due to business depression. So in order to favor as many as possible, each time the fire hall had to he cleaned, a different person was given the job. However,…

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