“Smoky Joe” Succumbs at Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 83.

“Smoky Joe” Succumbs at Fire Assistant Chief “Smoky Joe” Martin of the New York Fire Department succumbed at a three-alarm fire which kept firemen busy for nearly two hours. The building on fire was an old five-story brownstone house with a mansard roof. It is located in a skyscraper section given over largely to the novelty and garment trade. The fire was confined chiefly to the upper three floors used as storerooms for antique furniture. The first alarms was sounded a little after 2 p.m., when Fifth Avenue was crowded. Six firemen were injured when they attempted to carry a hose line up the rear with a tarpaulin over their heads. The third floor ceiling collapsed and half buried them. In addition, a torrent of water from above swept them down the stairway. Their shouts for aid were heard by Chief Martin and a squad sent to bring the men…

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