One Dead When Plane Flares Up

Issue 10 and Volume 83.

One Dead When Plane Flares Up One person was burned to death and eight others were injured when a fuel tank in a Fokker plane being serviced at the Fokker Company’s main plant at the Teterboro Airport, exploded. The victims were rushed to the hospital at Hackensack, N. J. Although it was reported that the men were soldering the cowling of the plane when the flare-up occurred, this was denied later. Because of an ironclad rule at the airport that all gasoline tanks must be emptied before the planes are taken indoors, it is not likely that there was gasoline in the fuel tank. The flash came quickly and the men who were injured were burned black from head to foot. An investigation failed to disclose the cause of the fire. Wheeling, W. Va., to Erect Station—Wheeling, W. Va., is seeking a site on which to erect a central fire…

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