“Uneasy is the Head”

Issue 12 and Volume 83.

“Uneasy is the Head” “Man that _____ath to do with the public business is of few days and full of trouble. “He comet_____ forth in the morning with high hopes and ‘ere the setting of the sun of that day be bath met with many reverses and continueth not. “Yet, oh Lord, have compassion on the children of Thy creation that have to do with the public business. Be present and administer them comfort in time of trouble, for they are in trouble most of the time.” No matter how well a fire chief or any other city official performs his duties, there is bound to be criticism somewhere along the line at one time or another. Pleasing the public is a problem of serving a thousand masters, many of whom are apt to make much ado about nothing. The chief who comes closest to winning the admiration and respect…

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