Firebug Caught in Illinois

Issue 12 and Volume 83.

Firebug Caught in Illinois A widespread series of incendiary fires which have baffled the state fire marshal and authorities in Decatur and Danville for months has been solved by the confession and conviction at Decatur of Roy Steward, age 33 of Brazil, Ind., according to an announcement by State Fire Marshal S. L. Legreid. Steward confessed to ten fires in Decatur and seven in Danville. After his conviction he also admitted a number of fires in Brazil. Indiana, one of them in a rooming house. According to Mr. Legreid the confession of Steward represents the most extensive operations of an individual firebug in the history of the department and he feels that his apprehension is very important. Steward was given a sentence of one to ten years at the Chester Penitentiary on a plea of guilty to setting fire to a warehouse in Decatur. He began his operations September 29,…

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