Issue 12 and Volume 83.

PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS Hempstead. N. Y.—Fire department ment to purchase an emergency relief truck, at cost of about $6,500. Floral Park, N. Y.—Site is being sought for erection of fire station. Bonds to the amount of $45,000 already voted. Richmond, Va.—Reports state 31 new fire alarm boxes are to be installed in city. Wm. H. Joynes, Chief of Fire Dept. Oneonta, N. Y.—A resolution was introduced calling for the construction of a new fire headquarters building on Elm Street, according to reports. Dexter, N. Y.—At election held May 26 city voted in favor o issuing bonds to the amount of $5,000 for purchase of 500 gal. pumper. Claude O. Phalon, Village Clerk. Dauphin, Penn.—Reports state City Council called special election for July 1 to vote on $10,000 bond issue for construction of fire station. Canton, Ohio.—Ordinances were passed by council to appropriate $32,000 in bonds for erection and equipment of fire-proof…

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