New York Proposes Fireworks Rules

Issue 12 and Volume 83.

New York Proposes Fireworks Rules To prevent many serious accidents and fires, a set of rules governing the manufacture and display of fireworks has been formulated by the Department of Labor, New York state. The manufacture of toy torpedoes containing more than five grains of an explosive mixture, paper caps containing more than 35 grains of an explosive mixture, firecrackers and salutes exceeding five inches length, any article cantaining a mixture of yellow or white phosphorus and fireworks that can be exploded en masse by a blasting cap are prohibited. The rules state that the display of fireworks in windows shall not be permitted but dummy samples, so marked, may be put in windows. Fireworks are not to be stored or put on sale where there are paints, oil or varnishes unless kept intact in the original unbroken containers. Where matches, turpentine or gasoline or other inflammable substances are kept,…

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