Flash Fires of the Clothing Industry

Issue 16 and Volume 83.

Flash Fires of the Clothing Industry Light Cotton Garment Factory a Serious Life Hazard—Congestion of Employees, Highly Inflammable Materials Present Contribute to the Life Problem THE average light cotton garment factory does not represent as severe a fire fighting problem to the average department as it does a life hazard problem. This is due to the fact that the amount of materials commonly found in such factories, even though highly inflammable, do not represent as large a bulk as might be encountered in other types of industrial establishments. Cloth is received in bolts which, in this form, burn no more vigorously than does wood. The bulk of the material is kept in bolts, and is used only as required. A day’s operations at a cotton clothing factory may represent a comparatively small amount of goods but in the shape of garments, in containers for shipment, may bulk up to huge…

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