Pianos Called Apartment Hazard

Issue 18 and Volume 83.

Pianos Called Apartment Hazard The piano, once favored as the musical instrument for the American home, has now reached the level where it is catalogued as an apartment fire hazard. Under the supervision of the Tenement House Commission, an intensive drive was conducted in New York City to locate violation of the tenement house law. In the area bounded by Forty-sixth and 110th Streets west of Columbus and Ninth Avenues, which contains the so-called San Juan Hill and Hell’s Kitchen districts, the inspectors found many violations. In this area 947 buildings were inspected and eighty-one violations were found; 6,778 fire escape balconies had to be cleared. Inspectors found that the radio was so popular that families looked upon their pianos as “white elephants.” When moving, rather than pay the ten-dollar moving charge, the modern New Yorker leaves the piano for the property owner to dispose of as he will. As…

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