Fighting Fire in the Mikado’s Kingdom

Issue 18 and Volume 83.

Fighting Fire in the Mikado’s Kingdom Combination of Ancient and Modern Means in Japan—Primitive Appliances Employed in the Smaller Cities and Villages—Gradual Improvement in Methods IT is always interesting to compare the methods of fire prevention and fire fighting in foreign cities with our own. This is especially true of the primitive means employed in oriental lands to combat the fiery destroyer. The following article is written by an expert in all matters connected with the Flowery Kingdom, and will therefore prove instructive: One of the most serious and most pressing problems municipalities have to face in Japan is that of fires. Japan has more fires than perhaps any other country in proportion to population and number of houses. Electric leakages, arson, cigarette ends, hibachi (earthenware pot), chimneys, portable stoves, and a variety of other means of lighting and keeping oneself warm are the principal causes of fires in Japan,…

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