There’s Sport in Photography

Issue 18 and Volume 83.

There’s Sport in Photography Game Has All Breathlessness and Thrills Afforded by More Popularly Accepted Contests—Shoot with Camera CLICK. The thing was done. The sharp staccato sound was scarcely audible in the midst of hissing fire streams noises and throbs of the pumper. Men were hurrying everywhere. Unlike the story of the fish that had escaped from the hook, here was a record that could not be erased or disputed. The camera had retained a picture of the scene. For the past twenty years, or since I was in my “teens,” a camera has been an almost constant companion, but only during the past ten years have I made a specialty of fires. Fire photography should be classed as a sport for many reasons. There is the tenseness and anxiety to get to the fire, the getting into the proper position, the breathless haste to get a good “shot” and…

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