Pumper Works Steadily Over 33 Days

Issue 21 and Volume 83.

Pumper Works Steadily Over 33 Days During the early part of August when many communities were affected by the serious drought conditions, the water supply of Annapolis, Md., had diminished at an alarming rate. As an emergency measure the Mayor and Water Works officials called upon Chief Jesse Fisher, head of the Fire Department, and after the conference it was decided to use a fire department pumper to pump water into the city’s nearly depicted reservoir from a nearby stream. A 1.000-gallon pumper forced the water through six hundred feet of 2 1/2-inch hose and four hundred feet of 2-inch galvanized iron pipe. The pump started operating on August 10 and worked continuously until September 13, when the supply in the reservoir was increased by rains and by water from the reservoir of the United States Naval Academy. In all, the pumper operated 33 days and four hours. The pumper…

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