Issue 21 and Volume 83.

ANSWERS TO PREVIOUS QUESTIONS The following is in reply to a question on whether or not the department has an insurance policy to compensate firemen for accidents received in line of duty: A. F. Flanigan, Chief, Mapleton, Me.: No, we don’t have an insurance policy for the benefit of injured firemen. However, it is an excellent thing to have. W. G. Saule, Chief. Norridgewock, Me.: We do not have an insurance policy to compensate firemen for injuries. We had one man who broke his leg. His hospital bills for the first trip was almost $1,000. At our meeting last March the town settled with him for $2,000. He was in the hospital for about eight weeks and even now his leg is not what it should be. For this reason I believe every town should carry insurance to compensate firemen. * * * The following replies were received in answer…

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