Special Squad Planned for Eastchester

Issue 21 and Volume 83.

Special Squad Planned for Eastchester Chief Arthur Steuhl of Eastchester, N. Y., is planning a special emergency squad composed of especially trained firemen. The Town Hoard has appropriated $11,000 for the new unit. While the present fire department is properly equipped, it is lacking in rescue equipment. The new apparatus would carry nets, torches, special gas masks, flood lights, special jacks, and other equipment. Chief Steuhl said that the acquisition of the new rescue car would require the appointment of two additional firemen. The Eastchester township staged its annual parade and review, and at the same time opened up the new $40,000 fire station for public inspection. Following the inspection, the Eire Commissioners were hosts to local officials and visiting fire department representatives at a dinner held in Tuckanoe.

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