Let’s All Do Our Part

Issue 22 and Volume 83.

Let’s All Do Our Part IF you need new equipment, more fire stations, additional men, now is unquestionably the psychological time to expect such requests to be heeded. All the alibis, explanations, theories and whatnots that we have been hearing about the business situation boil down to the simple fact that men and industry have got to be put back to work if we are to have a return to normal conditions. To accomplish this doesn’t necessarily mean being extravagant. It will be enough as a starter if we sidetrack false economy programs and employ the men and buy the equipment we actually need. Who is in better position than city governments to take the lead? Our good old U. S. has come through 15 depressions during the past fifty years and each time has risen to greater heights than ever before. What was done before can more easily be…

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