Imagine My Embarrassment!

Issue 25 and Volume 83.

Imagine My Embarrassment! When the Chief and his armed firemen arrived— Illustrated by “Art” Espey IT was noon in the local room and the typewriters were beating out a merry rat-tat-tat. Outside the rain came down in torrents. A much-needed thunderstorm was deluging the streets and bringing relief to our sun-scorched city after a prolonged heat wave. This reporter was assigned to write the usual “weather story” that follows such an event. As I sat at my typewriter, thinking up a suitable “lead,” a vivid flash of lightning, followed by a terrific clap of thunder, caused me to jump from my chair. “Boy, I’ll bet that bolt hit something near here,” I thought to myself. “Guess I’ll call the fire department and make sure before I write my story.” I picked up the telephone and nonchalantly asked the operator for the fire chief’s “private” number. This particular number did not…

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