Few Pause to Extinguish Forest Fire

Issue 25 and Volume 83.

Few Pause to Extinguish Forest Fire Here is a story that a United States forest ranger has just made public. It concerns an experience of a reported fire in his district which proved to be nothing but smoke rising from the duff. Standing out of sight from the road, he kept an eye on developments. “An auto came by,” be says. “The driver stopped to put water in the radiator, saw the smoke, stepped on the gas, and went away from there. “Another auto came by, driven by a local man. He stopped, got out, kicked around the fire for a minute or so, took a drink from a canteen, poured the balance into the radiator, lit a fag, and he, too, went away from there. Later he reported that be had put out a fire for me. Thanks a lot. “Another auto came by, slacked up, got an eyeful,…

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