The Law as to Compensation of Firemen for Injuries

Issue 1 and Volume 84.

The Law as to Compensation of Firemen for Injuries Various Higher Court Decisions on This Important Subject—Interesting Legal Phases of the Problem THE duties of municipal firemen are hazardous—that is well known and universally recognized by the Courts. There are, however, many interesting and unsolved legal phases involving the right of firemen to recover damages, compensation, pensions and insurance for injuries sustained in performance of their duties. As a general rule a municipality is not liable in a damage suit for injuries to a fireman, unless the injury occurred while the fireman was attending to his regular duties, or while he was on active duty. For instance, in Urban vs. Town of Pendleton, 236 N. Y. S. 383, it was disclosed that a member of a volunteer fire company was killed as a result of a collision which occurred while he was riding with the chief to the fire house…

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