Issue 1 and Volume 84.

THE ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems “SIMON says—” Instantly the crowd of young people gathered to play the ever popular parlor game wait for instructions, whether it be to raise their thumbs, about face, or whatever the leader should command. Outside the parlor game, things are different. “Paris says—” As fast as possible, wardrobes are considered obsolete and new gowns and wearing apparel are purchased to conform to what “Paris says.” Within recent years pastel and light shades in textiles are favored as the popular and smart shades to wear. The darker colors that are selected by the more practical person are not looked with favor. Those who participate in the “social swim” must frequently send wearing apparel to the cleaners to be refreshened and brightened. Dry cleaning has developed into a very large industry, and if not properly regulated, it becomes…

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