Five Alarms Turned In for Boston Fire

Issue 1 and Volume 84.

Five Alarms Turned In for Boston Fire A five-alarm fire swept the six-story brick building at Nos. 11-13 Columbia Street, Boston, Mass., on December 24, causing damage estimated at $75,000 by Chief Henry A. Fox, of the Boston Fire Department. The first alarm was received at 2:21 a.m. A third alarm was ordered at 2:25, the second alarm being skipped. A fourth alarm was sounded at 2:27 and a fifth at 2:35. The building, which was of second class construction, was occupied by the Manufacturers’ Clearing House of America, dealers in rubber heels; the Guarantee Leather Company for storage; the Shapiro Leather Company; John Hetherington & Son, textile machinery; and the Canton Shoe Company. Just after the first apparatus reached the scene, an explosion took place that sent a sheet of flame across the street, causing burns and injuries to three members of Engine Co. No. 7. Dense smoke and…

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