Issue 1 and Volume 84.

FIRE PREVENTION ORDINANCE FOR CITIES AND TOWNS It Establishes Bureau of Fire Prevention—Prescribes Regulations for Hazardous Materials and Processes (Continued from last issue) THE following Fire Prevention Ordinance has been prepared by Engineers of the National Hoard of Fire Underwriters and its recommended by that organisation for adoption by cities and towns. While it is not expected that in all cases smaller cities will find need for an ordinance of such length, it is recommended by the Board that a complete set of regulations be adopted in all cases, for even though there may be no immediate need of regulation of a particular hazard, every growing community is sure to have these hazards introduced sooner or later, and it is better to be prepared for them than to develop unrestricted and then try to regulate them. The ordinance will be published in its entirety serially in FIRE ENGINEERING. Part 10.…

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