Issue 4 and Volume 84.

FALSE ALARMS —Drawing by “Art” Espey AMPLE WARNING A battalion chief was out on department business and was driving south. A lady was driving north. The cars collided and both climbed out of their respective cars. The lady was very apologetic. “It was all my fault,” she said. “I was over on the wrong side of the road. I can’t imagine what I was thinking about. It was entirely my fault.” The officer, very much a gentleman, stopped her with a courtly gesture. “Not at all madam,” he replied gallantly, “not at all. I saw you coming for half a mile back, and I could easily have turned off on at least two side roads and have gotten out of your way.” “Oh, no, dear. I’m sure he’s a kind man. I just heard him say he put his shirt on a horse which was scratched.” SO SAY WE ALL…

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