Arson Suspected in Pittsburgh Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 84.

Arson Suspected in Pittsburgh Fire Six engine companies and two truck companies, called on two alarms, worked thirteen hours at a fire which started in a building in Pittsburgh, Pa., occupied as a fruit commission warehouse. The fire started early Sunday morning, January 4, under suspicious circumstances. The four-story brick building was in the heart of the wholesale commission and warehouse district of the city. Two barrels of liquid, smelling strongly of kerosene oil, found in the ruins, one on the second and one on the third floors, were turned over to Roy E. Hiller, Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, for an investigation of possible incendiary origin of the blaze. The first alarm brought Engine Companies No. 2, 7 and 25 and Truck Company No. 25 to the scene, in command of Battalion Chief William H. Davis, of the Third Battalion, while the second alarm was answered by Engine…

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