Officer Killed in Odd Accident

Issue 6 and Volume 84.

Officer Killed in Odd Accident Captain William H. Bogen, for twenty-two years a member of the Oakland, Cal., Fire Department, was killed by a bullet while trying to extinguish a fire that had started in an overturned car. According to the story pieced together by the police, the owner of the car and a party of two women and another man had made a tour of drinking places. The owner possessed a .45 automatic revolver and wanted to show his marksmanship but was dissuaded by his friends. He placed the gun in a pocket of the car. In rounding a sharp turn, the car turned over and caught fire. Captain Bogen answered the fire alarm. He was standing near the burning automobile when the heat exploded a bullet in the pistol, and the metal entered his chest. He died before he conld be rushed to a hospital. A. V. Sammis…

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