Issue 9 and Volume 84.

STANDPIPE SYSTEM TESTED IN WORLD’S TALLEST BUILDING Tests Conducted on Standpipe System in the Empire State Building. New York City — Description of System Installed THE Empire State Building—tallest in the world—265 feet higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was tested recently by the Fire Prevention Bureau of the New York Fire Department, as to its fire standpipe equipment. The tests, eight in number, were satisfactory. The standpipe which supplies the tower of the building remans to be tested as soon as it is completely installed. At this writing the tower riser is capped and is usable as far as it has gone up through the socalled zeppelin mast. It is expected that it will be completed about May 1. Thus far the standpipe line, pumps, tanks and appurtenances are satisfactory to engineers and inspectors of the Fire Prevention Bureau and are in compliance with the law, the ordinances…

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