Residence Fires—How to Fight Them

Issue 9 and Volume 84.

Residence Fires—How to Fight Them Problems in Connection with Dwelling House Fires—Cellar and Stairway Blazes—Those in Bedrooms and Closets—Chimney Fires While the problems of fire fighting in general differ greatly according to the sice of the city, those in connection with the battling of fires in dwellings vary little, as the type of construction of such buildings is pretty much the same, whether situated in the metropolis or in a small town.. The following paper will, therefore, be of quite general interest: IN discussing dwelling houses and the method of combating fires in them, permit me to say at the outset that such houses differ in construction and there is also a difference in fires—the time and place of starting, etc., for a fire is a pesky quantity, with no respect or consideration for person or property. Therefore, conditions must of necessity play an important part in the task of…

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