Ludlow Puts Out New Hydrant

Issue 9 and Volume 84.

Ludlow Puts Out New Hydrant A fire hydrant designed to conform with modern lines of street lighting standards, traffic towers and highway posts is being manufactured by the Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Company, Troy, N. Y. The new hydrant is octagonal in shape and each of the flat surfaces reflects light so that the new form makes the hydrants more visible and more easily found. The body is not integral with the barrel but ends in a flange which is bolted to the barrel flange just above the ground line. The bolt holes are so arranged that the hydrant nozzles can be set in any direction required, without disturbing the lead from the main. Should any breakage occur, by merely releasing eight bolts the old body can be removed and a new one substituted. No digging is necessary. Changes have also been made in the hydrant bottom. The Ludlow gate valve…

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